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Tiger Woods Is Out of Sex Rehab, Probably

Tiger Woods has checked out of a Mississippi sex addiction clinic and flown off with his wife, Elin Nordegren Woods. That’s according to various media reports, none of which have an on-the-record quote or attribution.

RadarOnline, which seems to be leading the pack, says Tiger Woods left the clinic Friday and was reunited with his children. They also claim they know what he’s thinking:

Tiger received intensive therapy in Gentle Path, known as a leading sex addiction clinic. Several sources have said he does not acknowledge being a sex addict but he does know that he has a behavioral problem and he agreed to treatment because he wants his life back.

British paper The Sun also claims to have the inside dope on Tiger’s mindset, saying he admitted to only three affairs.

The golf superstar – accused of more than 12 flings – knew he had to confess to some, but feared the full story would be too much for heartbroken Elin Nordegren.

So he confessed to romping with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel, 34, cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, 26, and one other mistress.

A source close to the pair revealed: “He wanted to make it believable, but knew the whole truth would make it impossible to save their marriage. She knows he is lying, but doesn’t know if she can hear anymore.”

“Romping” — heh.  Those Brits!

The local Hattiesburg American scratches its head under the headline, “Tiger’s gone… if he was ever here.”  As the paper points out, Gentle Path is prevented by law from disclosing the names of clients.  The American tries to parse comings and goings of private jets from nearby airports, but comes up mostly empty.

So, bottom line: Tiger Woods was probably in sex rehab and now is probably out, maybe.

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