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Tiger Woods Refuses to See Troopers for Third Straight Day

Wow! Tiger Woods has refused to talk to the Florida State Highway patrol for a third straight day, says the AP.

Troopers want to talk to Woods to wrap up their investigation of his one-car crash on Friday morning. Woods isn’t required by law to talk, as the FHP spokesperson Kim Montes has pointed out, because the incident is considered a traffic accident and not a crime.

Still, you’d think he and his wife Elin might want to get it out of the way. Or just call the FHP and say “We ain’t talking, thanks” instead of keeping them hanging day by day. isn’t shy about suggesting why Woods might not want to talk:

One of the things authorities want to see — the wounds on Tiger’s face… whether they were caused by the accident or during a domestic dispute with his wife.

The theory being that if one party scratched or hit the other during a squabble, it could be considered an act of domestic violence under Florida state law. In which case, an officer would be authorized to arrest the offending party, even if the officer didn’t see the assault and even if the victim didn’t want the arrest.

Nobody seems to be claiming on the record that such a fight occured with Woods and his wife, although there’s been plenty of speculation, including CSI-type claims that the police found no blood on the steering wheel of Woods’s Escalade, allegations of affairs, etc, etc.

Daily refusals to talk with the state highway patrol about your minor one-car accident don’t do much to quell speculation.

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