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“Tiger Woods, You Suck!”

Tiger Woods pulled his tee shot on the par-3 6th hole at The Masters today, and the boys in the CBS control booth didn’t cue up the phony bird sounds fast enough.  Instead they caught Tiger’s reaction:

Yes, he said, “Tiger Woods… you sssssuck!  [Blasphemy.]”

If this is part of his PR rehabilitation program, I like it.  What golfer
can’t relate?  (Props to Verne Lundquist for the droll “I don’t think he’s pleased.”) 

But because Tiger pledged earlier to ease up on the on-course anger, it’ll probably be an issue. As a helpful public service, here are some alternatives for Tiger’s use in The Masters or future tournaments:

Steely calm: “Tiger Woods, you did not achieve your full potential with that seven iron.”

Sarcasm:  “Tiger Woods, you rrrrrrock!”

Cheery acceptance:  “Oh Tiger Woods, you big fluffball.  Still, it’s great to be alive.”

Elmer Fudd:  “Tiger Woods, I’m tewwibly, tewwibly disappointed in you.”

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