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Tiger Woods’s ‘Masterclass in Evasion’

tiger.jpgTiger Woods held a press conference yesterday at Augusta National, and journalists weren’t too satisfied.  John Hopkins of The Times called it “a master class in evasion.”

Although honestly, who expected to be enlightened?  It’s rather quaint to expect Tiger Woods (or any controversial figure) to say something meaningful at a press conference.  The template for sex, steroids, cheating, and every other controversy has been set for years now:  claim personal responsibility (without specifying what for) and apologize for letting people down (but not for the unspecified act). Then say you’re relieved that everything’s out in the open and you’re now looking ahead to the coming game/season/tournament/election.

Indeed, the transcript shows Tiger answering easy questions that fit that template and brushing away anything else, and who’s surprised by that?

The most comical moment in the transcript is when Tiger Woods admits that he was in rehab for 45 days “to take a hard look at myself,” but won’t tell a reporter what he was in rehab for.  “That’s personal.” 

Heh! Good one!

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