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Tom Delay is a Dirty Dog

Former Republican bigwig Tom Delay was convicted today of money laundering. He faces a sentence of life in prison.

Known as “The Hammer” at the peak of his power, Tom Delay was one of those fake-populist politicians who was on Jack Abramoff‘s GOP money train in the early 2000s.

Tom Delay’s idea of family values involved spending a lot of American tax dollars paying his wife and daughter. Tom Delay’s commitment to the U.S. Constitution had a lot to do with playing golf in exotic locations.

Naturally, his defense was aggressive — he called his conviction “the criminalization of politics.”

In other words, what Tom Delay sees as politics — taking money and directing legislation based on who gives you the most money — is what a panel of American citizens saw as a criminal enterprise.

Surely, American Tea Party members must loathe him… because average voters, a jury of his peers, have deemed him a fraud of the worst kind.

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