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United Employee Flies Pan Am First Class In His Garage

Anthony Toth has built a replica of a Pan Am 747 first-class cabin in his garage, complete with original seats, swizzle sticks, and spiral staircase. Good for him!

“Mr. Toth’s obsession with Pan Am began in the 1970s when he was growing up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, about 45 minutes from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.”

“For his 10th birthday, Mr. Toth says he persuaded his parents to sign him up for an annual subscription to the Official Airline Guide, which lists flight timetables and is typically used by travel agents. When he was 12, he created a 20-foot mock-up of the interior of a Pan Am first-class cabin in his family’s basement, making seats out of wood.”

Nutty or not, it’s pretty darned cool.

(Photo: Brian L. Frank for the Wall Street Journal.)

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