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Unknown Dude Wins $900,000 on Kentucky Derby

Super Saver won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday afternoon, but the real winner was Glen Fullerton, a Texan who was at the track and won $900,000 courtesy of the DreamBet sweepstakes.

Fullerton won a free “VIP” trip for two to the Kentucky Derby from NBC and Churchill Downs.  Part of the trip was the chance to place a free $100,000 bet on any horse.  If his chosen horse won, he would collect at full odds.  If not, he got nothing.

Mirabile dictu, Fullerton chose Super Saver and the horse came in at 9-1 odds.  His payoff: a sweet 900 grand.  NBC cameras caught Fullerton freaking out in joy as Super Saver crossed the finish line — and Fullerton told Bob Costas afterwards that he bet the horse in large part because super-jockey Calvin Borel was riding him.

Way to ride ’em, Calvin Borel, and way to pick ’em, Glen Fullerton!


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