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‘We Were Not Found Wanting’

President John F. Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, died at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas within two days of each other in 1963. A few days later, Parkland’s administrator wrote this memo.

“Our pride is not that we were swept up by the whirlwind of tragic history, but that when we were, we were not found wanting.”

Fascinating stuff.  Bigger version here.

Menawhile, a commenter links to the tale of a doctor who worked on both JFK and Oswald.

“The first thing he saw was the president’s face, cyanotic — bluish-black, swollen, suffused with blood. The body was on a cart in the middle of the room, draped and surrounded by doctors and residents. Kennedy was completely motionless, a contrast to the commotion around him.”

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