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Whitney Houston Gives Gift to Headline Writers

Pop star Whitney Houston is having a terrible time during her “comeback” tour in Europe. Her tour has been plagued with cancellations and complaints, with critics saying Whitney is a mere shadow of her former self. Actually, they’re saying she’s a really big shadow now, having put on some pounds.

Last weekend she had a rough night in Copenhagen, and it was reported that “more than half” the crowd walked out during her concert, complaining that she was talking too much, sweating too much and not singing like she used to.

The press there even provides this brief slide show of the concert, with an emphasis on photos that make her look bad (the photo below was taken from there).

Since such things only matter to hardcore Whitney Houston fans, what I found most delightful was the way her troubles have given headline writers an easy job — on TV and in print, they are enjoying saying “Houston, we have a problem.” I almost made that my headline today, but just couldn’t do it.


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