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Yikes! Michael Douglas’s Kid

(Originally published August 13, 2009)

That’s Cameron Douglas in 2004, DJing at the Betty Ford Klinik, the wryly (and aptly) named dance club in Hamburg, Germany.

Yes, this is the same son of actor Michael Douglas who was arrested last month for distributing meth — the one whose girlfriend was just caught trying to smuggle heroin to him in jail inside an electric toothbrush.

You can’t quite see it here, but that tattoo on his pectoral reads “Bliss.”

In the interests of fairness and equal time, here’s a nicer shot from the same era:

This is from the set of It Runs In the Family, the 2003 film that starred Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas, and grandpappy Kirk Douglas together. Now you wonder if that project wasn’t a kind of intervention-via-film to keep Cameron Douglas occupied.

An electric toothbrush! The big lug.

(Photo credit: WENN)

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