Monthly Archive: September 2007

Curtains for Frost’s (Alleged) ‘Window Tree’

A sugar maple tree that gave shade to poet Robert Frost has been cut down. The tree was rotting from the inside, alas. Frost and the tree cohabited on his farm in Derry, New Hampshire from 1900-1911. The sugar maple may (or may not) have inspired one of Frost’s more ethereal poems, Tree At My Window.

Craig Resignation Stalled

Larry Craig isn’t leaving the Senate after all. Not yet, anyway.The Idaho senator said three weeks ago that he intended to resign on September 30th, after stories leaked out about his quiet guilty plea to a June arrest for soliciting sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom. But Craig later backtracked, saying he would try to take back his guilty plea and might stay in the Senate if he succeeded in doing so.

Fossett Search Ends

The official search for adventurer Steve Fossett has been suspended.His friends still hold out hope — though as one put it, “‘It certainly doesn’t look promising’ is an understatement.”

The New York Times Unlocks the Vaults

Hooray! The New York Times will now stop charging for access to much of its content.The change takes effect Tuesday night — two years after The Times started its ‘Times Select’ subscription service. Regular stories used to go behind the subscription wall after a week of availability online.Money quote from the article: “The business model for advertising revenue, versus subscriber revenue, [has become] so much more attractive.”

Fossett Hunt Nears Week Three

Adventurer Steve Fossett is still missing. And the Amelia Earhart comparisons have started.

The Long Name of Nelson Mandela

What is the true birth name of Nelson Mandela?Hint: It’s not Nelson.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1308:]]

Wyman, Longshoremen and Kents

The Toronto Star’s colorful remembrance of First Ex Jane Wyman ends this way: “In person, Wyman sported the earthy language of a longshoreman. She carried her pack of Kent cigarettes with her everywhere.”

Jane Wyman, America’s First Ex-Lady

Oscar-winning actress Jane Wyman has died at age 93.Wyman was the first wife of actor Ronald Reagan, who went on to become America’s first divorced president. Reagan and Wyman were married from 1940-48. Reagan married another actress, Nancy Davis, in 1952.

Internet Users Search for Fossett’s Plane

The Amazon Mechanical Turk page is asking Internet users to help scan satellite photos for Steve Fossett’s plane.Welcome to the 21st century.Fossett’s official site also has updates on the search.

‘Blackbeard’ Bin Laden

The BBC has transcript excerpts from the latest Osama Bin Laden video.

Still No Word on Fossett

The headlines are turning grimmer for Steve Fossett, the adventurer and pilot who’s been missing in the Nevada desert since Monday.

Pavarotti Heads Offstage

Luciano Pavarotti has died of pancreatic cancer at age 71.Bloomberg calls him the “most famous opera tenor since Caruso,” and that sums things up pretty well.That Bloomberg obit is full of good quotes, including his former manager calling him “a rock star for people over 30,” and rock star Bono saying “Some can sing opera; Luciano Pavarotti was an opera.”

Fossett Still Missing

Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett remains missing in the Nevada desert this morning. His small plane disappeared on Monday, apparently while he was scouting locations by air for a run at the land speed record.