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A Blast From Paul McCartney’s Past: Rare Photos and Go-Kart Love

A photo of the Beatles, having fun, McCartney with his arm around Lennon's neck

The Guardian goes to the archives for a 1963 interview with Paul McCartney:

…”I decided I’d like to enter art college if we flopped in show business,” he says. “I got my GCE in art, and I’m still very interested in the subject. I often sketch when we’re on tour – when I’m not writing songs or go-karting! That’s the big rage for me these days, go-karting. We were doing some of it recently and now I’m thinking of taking it up in a big way.”

Paul McCartney just turned 70, of course. The Guardian’s big timeline shows how they’ve covered him through the years.

Meanwhile, in America, the Morrison Hotel Gallery is running a new show — Unseen Beatles — with early photos by Curt Gunther and Robert Whitaker. The Gunther photo above is one example, from 1964. A 30×40 print is yours for $2500 (framing $700 extra).

Happy 70th, Sir Paul.

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