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A “Festering Pile of Garbage”


Jim Derogatis takes down the new Jonas Brothers album Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

Worst of all — and finding a nadir amid such a festering pile of garbage is no mean feat — is the attempt to go gangsta rap via the almost comically awful “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime.” A collaboration with Common, who amazingly tops even the embarrassing pandering of last year’s “Universal Mind Control,” this endless dud offers one howler after another.

The reason why posters of these goobers adorn the walls of so many teenage girls is obvious, at least if you think for a moment like a teenage girl. But why anyone of any age would want to listen to them remains as big a mystery as any of the shenanigans of the business world. And all we can do is hope they go away as soon as possible.

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