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Actor Ron Silver Dead at 62

Whoa! Actor Ron Silver has died at the young age of 62. He “had been fighting esophageal cancer for two years,” says ABC News.

That’s the same nasty cancer that got Harold Pinter three months ago.

Silver was an almost-leading-man who maybe looked and sounded a little too much like Al Pacino for his professional good. Still, he stayed very busy. Today’s papers seem to be remembering him mainly as “‘West Wing’ Star Ron Silver” — he played political strategist Bruno Gianelli in 19 episodes.

Turns out he also played Henry Kissinger in the 1995 TV movie Kissinger and Nixon — with Beau Bridges as Nixon (!) and George Takei as Vietnamese Communist leader Le Duc Tho. Some cast.

Good luck to you, Mr. Silver, wherever you may be.

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