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“All That Was Missing was Austin Powers”

The New Orleans Times-Picayune smacks The Who.

[Pete] Townshend is starting to show his age. He was late to the microphone on the first chorus of “Pinball Wizard,” and didn’t sound particularly good once he arrived. He left much of the guitar work to his son Simon, the second guitarist in the band. Townshend finally busted out his trademark electric guitar windmill on “Baba O’Riley,” an anthem that still sounds epic.

(As as commenter points out there, Simon Townshend is actually Pete’s younger brother — by 15 years. Pete was born in 1945, Simon in 1960.)

Gotta give Pete and Roger Daltrey points for being up there at age 65, in any case. Daltrey turns 66 next month.

New Orleans won the Super Bowl, by the way, 31-17. Manning face!

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