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An Oral History of ‘Swingers’

Photo from the movie Swingers, with the boys talking over breakfast in a coffee shop

Jon Favreau (Mike): When I set out to write Swingers, I didn’t know I was even writing a movie. My dad had given me a screenwriting program and I started the script just as an exercise to see if I could write a screenplay. Swingers is what came out.

From the excellent An Oral History of Swingers — the 1996 indie film that launched the careers of Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughan and many others.

It’s never been my own personal favorite film, but I enjoyed it well enough on video many years ago. And it is undeniably a cult classic for men of a certain age.  Turns out it was made with $250k, a down coat wrapped around the camera, and a lot of near misses with the law.

So Money: An Oral History of Swingers »

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