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Anders Breivik Biography: New

The Norwegian extremist is currently on trial for the killing of 77 people last July.

Our biography of Anders Behring Breivik is now live.

A photo of a 30ish man with short, stubbly hair and beard, staring blankly at the camera

Anders Breivik is the Norwegian extremist who shot and blew up 77 of his countrymen last July — 69 of them, mostly teens, at a political youth camp on Utøya island. His trial has just gotten underway in Oslo.

Breivik’s stated goal was to fight multiculturalism in Norway and Europe. His calm testimony has been chilling

[Breivik] insisted that he was not a “child murderer.”
“I believe that all political activists who choose to fight for multiculturalism are legitimate targets. And 44 out of the 69 people [killed on the island] had leadership positions,” he told the court.
“Does this also apply to the 14- and 15-year-olds?” the prosecution asked.
“It is not desirable to focus on people under the age of 18 but there was no other desirable political target on that day,” Breivik replied.
Asked what it was like to carry out such a rampage, Breivik responded that it was an “extremely difficult” thing to do. “It goes against human nature in many ways,” he said.

The Guardian has ongoing coverage of the Anders Breivik trial.

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