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Anthony Bourdain and Ernest Hemingway Killed Themselves Two Days Apart

(Photo: David S. Holloway / CNN)

When Anthony Bourdain killed himself on Friday with the belt from his hotel bathrobe, he was 61 years and 348 days old.

By unhappy coincidence, that makes the celebrity chef nearly a match with Nobel-prize winning author Ernest Hemingway.

Photo of Ernest Hemingway

(Photo: Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Library.)

Hemingway was exactly two days younger — 61 years and 346 days — when he shot himself to death in Idaho in 1961.

Anthony Bourdain has been called “the Hemingway of gastronomy,” but it’s a bit of a shock to think that he and Ernest Hemingway were almost identical ages at death. Hemingway just seemed a lot older than the vibrant Bourdain.

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