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Anthony Weiner Resigns From Congress

New York Representative Anthony Weiner has resigned from office, after announcing that he was going to announce his resignation.

You can read the details here, in the New York Times. The Times avoids puns and titillating discussion, of course. They summarize the story — about Weiner’s use of modern technology to network socially (wink, wink). About as racy as it gets is when they refer to Weiner’s “tight-fitting underpants.”

Not the ones he was wearing for his announcement — the ones he was wearing when he took a snapshot of himself and sent it to some woman who wasn’t his wife.

The Huffington Post’s headline originally read “Weiner Out,” but then they changed it to “Twitter Quitter.” Maybe they had a little sting of conscience. Not so with the New York Post, however, who declared “Weiner Pulls Out”:

Weiner’s resignation means we won’t be treated to any more pun-heavy headlines about his case. No more clever uses of the word “probe” in discussing possible ethics violations. No more sly jokes about how his name reminds us all of a human penis.

Democrat Anthony Weiner left office humiliated by his idiotic behavior, which we won’t go into here. He even got heckled at his own resignation speech. Now he’s out of a job, so he’s got all day to text and tweet.

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