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Are Event Planners Plotting a Coup?

Event planners are suddenly everywhere these days. What are they up to?

Rachel Uchitel of course, is the “event planner” and “VIP hostess” who helped bring down Tiger Woods. Her current job isn’t quite clear, though we know it doesn’t pay enough to cover traffic tickets.

Yesterday we found out that Rush Limbaugh‘s new fiancee, Kathryn Rogers, is also a “VIP manager for the upcoming Super Bowl.” Mildly eerie, Rush and Tiger dating from the same profession. And dig this: she was there when Rush had his heart problem.

Now today brings Carlos Allen, the third White House gate-crasher, who is ALSO described as local event planner and party promoter.

Coincidence? Or conspiracy to bring down Obama, Rush, Tiger, and every other prominent American, and fill the void with an event-centric dictatorship?

The inauguration party will be fabulous.

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(Photo credit: JDH/JCP/WENN)

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