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Arnold Palmer’s Still Got It

Arnold Palmer pumps his fist with satisfaction as his tee shot flies down the fairway

Arnold Palmer reacts after hitting his ceremonial tee shot to begin The Masters in Augusta, Georgia. He’s still got the passion.

Same shot from a different angle, looking back up the fairway

Another angle on the same moment, looking back up to the tee from the first fairway.

Photo of three old golfers listening as a guy in a green jacket talks

Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer (from left to right) are the ‘Big Three’ former champions who now take the ceremonial first tee shots. 

Nicklaus outdrove the other two, but said that wasn’t so important.

“The only nerves you have are to make solid contact,” a smiling Nicklaus, 73, told reporters afterwards. “It doesn’t matter diddly-darn where it goes.”

Spoken like a man who’s already won six Masters titles. He won his first title at Augusta 50 years ago this month.

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