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Ashley Olsen: Just Try to Catch Her Smiling

The photo on our Ashley Olsen biography was five years out of date, we discovered this morning. So we set out to upload a cheerful new shot from our friends at WENN. One with a nice smile. The work of a few minutes, we thought.

Problem: Ashley Olsen does not actually seem to have smiled since 2007.

Dan Jackman / WENN.comDan Jackman /

Not being fashion or gossip experts, we don’t know what the Olsen Twins are aiming for with their gloomy public photos. (That’s Ashley at right, Mary-Kate at left.) They do offer a tight-lipped grimace, with the corners of the mouth turned just slightly up. Technically it’s a “smile.”

Perhaps they’re just aping the classic fashion-model sneer. But they seem determined to present more of a hunted look, huddled together with haggard expressions.

Photo of Ashley Olson in braids like a bored BrunnhildeIvan Nikolov /

Perhaps it’s a reproach to the photographers who have hounded them since their childhood. “Ve vill play along mit your wretched charade,” they seem to say, with faux-German accents, “but it vill be obvious to all zat ve despise it. Und you.”

Photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in crazy mascara and pale powderFlashpoint / WENN

Sometimes Ashley Olsen (right) looks like Marie Antoinette, as at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2011.

Ashley looking wide-eyed and grimacing in purple velvet, with Mary-Kate Caroline Torem Craig /

Sometimes it’s deer-in-the-headlights, as at left at the same awards in 2012.

Flashpoint / WENNFlashpoint / WENN

Full-length shots don’t seem to make a difference…

Photo of Ashley Olsen showing bare leg as she poses with a man in red tuxedo and a black velvit kefi or cap of some kindLia Toby / WENN

…nor does it help to catch Ashley without Mary-Kate. Here she is with Christian Louboutin in 2011. He may be dressed as a jolly French clown, but no living man can delight Ashley Olsen.

Photo of the Olsen Twins in black gowns, with Mary-Kate smiling

Wait wait wait, here we go! But this was 2002. And that’s Mary-Kate. Never mind.

Well, how about the Broadway revival of a beloved musical comedy? Surely they’ll be happy to be–

Photo of the Olsen Twins in big black sunglasses, looking gloomy indeedL. Gallo /

Oh dear.

Not to go hard on the poor women. Perhaps their childhoods were very sad indeed. Child stars often have it rough. But if photo ops are so dreary, why not just skip them entirely?

Photo of Ashley Olsen in a bright red gown, smiling indulgently and with lips closedFlashpoint /

This is the shot we finally settled on for her biography. It’s from 2009, it’s true, and she’s still not exactly smiling. But she looks at least pleased. Doesn’t she? And red! Red is cheerful!

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