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Baby Yoda Biography: New!

Baby Yoda has huge horizontal ears, wide black eyes, and a scrunched-up (but cute!) face as he sits in a clamshell-type pod


Our new Baby Yoda biography is now live.

It’s a stretch to call it a biography, of course, since the world knows so few facts about the li’l guy who stars in the Disney series The Mandalorian. (He’s also a fictional character, but let’s let that pass.) We do know that he:

  • Is said to be 50 years old, despite looking like an infant
  • Knows enough about the Force to save the Mandalorian from a charging beast by suspending the monster in mid-air with his mind
  • Likes to eat frogs

His name, incidentally, isn’t actually Baby Yoda. He’s described in series as simply The Child. But why quibble?

Besides our bio, we also link to four very nice Baby Yoda pages. That includes this lively Hollywood Reporter interview with Baby Yoda’s creator and director, Jon Favreau.

See our full Baby Yoda bio here »

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