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Bad-Health Updates: Hayes and Novak

A few late follow-ups on recent news…

R&B legend Isaac Hayes died of a stroke, according to his doctor. You may recall that Hayes was found by his wife, unconscious, next to a treadmill that was still running. Now his family doctor has listed a stroke as the cause of death, saying that it was brought on by chronic high blood pressure.

A memorial service for Hayes is set for today in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, catching up on the Robert Novak story: We noted last month that Novak was cited by police after hitting a pedestrian in Washington, DC. Novak was stopped while trying to leave the scene and claimed to be unaware that he had actually hit anybody.

Shortly afterwards, Novak was diagnosed with a serious brain tumor and retired from journalism.

Now it turns out that driver confusion is a well-known signal of brain tumors. “Hospital residents are taught to check for brain tumors in patients who report having a recent car accident in which they did not realize that they had hit something,” according to the Associated Press.

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