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Nick Symmonds Runs in Beijing

A point of personal pride here: Nick Symmonds will run the 800 meters in the Olympics this week.

Symmonds is a 2006 graduate of Willamette University, the alma mater of three members of the Who2 staff. The school now has a handsome special page set up to track Symmonds. He’s scheduled to run in the quarterfinals on Wednesday morning (August 20th) at 9:00 am Eastern time.

Symmonds punched his ticket to Beijing by winning a thrilling 800-meter final at the Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon. Symmonds fought free of the pack with an amazing kick in the final 200 meters.

He was followed by fellow Oregon runners Andrew Wheating and a diving-at-the-finish-line Christian Smith, as local fans cheered their heads off. Here’s the video:

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