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‘Balloon Boy’ Parents Float Off to Jail

90 days and 20 days behind bars: that’s what’s ahead for Richard and Mayumi Heene, the perpetrators of the Balloon Boy hoax in Colorado.

Judge Stephen Schapanski handed down the sentences this morning as Richard Heene “choked back tears” in the courtroom.

The judge took some pity on the Heenes; they will serve their sentences at separate times. Richard Heene will go to jail for 30 days starting January 11th, then spend another 60 days in work release, meaning he can work as a contractor during the day but will spend nights in jail. His wife will begin her sentence once his is done. Furthermore, she gets a form of flex time: she can serve her time on days of her choosing, so that their kids aren’t left home alone.

Schapanski also gave the Heenes four years of probation, which will be revoked if they are found to be profiting from book deals or TV movies or earning any other money from the hoax.

For those with a thirst for Balloon Boy history, the Fort Collins Coloradoan has a nifty Balloon Boy timeline with story archives attached.

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