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Connie Hines of ‘Mister Ed’ Was 78, Not 79

Connie Hines, the Mister Ed actress who died on Friday, was 78 when she died, not 79.

Most news outlets have been reporting 79, apparently based on the original Los Angeles Times obituary which listed her birth year as 1930. However, the Times has since issued a correction:

“The obituary of actress Connie Hines in Tuesday’s Section A said she was born June 5, 1930, and was 79 when she died. Hines was born March 24, 1931, and was 78 at the time of her death.”

The Times doesn’t explain the confusion with the year of birth, or with March 24 vs. June 5.

Connie Hines was born in Dedham, Massachusetts — there seems to be no disagreement about that — but the year was 1931, not 1930.

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