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Carrie Fisher Outlived General Patton, Fell Short of Leon Trotsky

Premiere of Walt Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - Arrivals.Featuring: Carrie Fisher. Where: Los Angeles, California, United States. When: 14 Dec 2015.


Carrie Fisher died much too young, sadly: at 60 years and 67 days.

However, age is relative. Some famous historical people we think of as “older folks” died right before and right after that age. They include:

•  Actor Gary Cooper (died in 1961 at 60 years, 6 days)
•  General George Patton (died in 1945 at 60 years, 45 days)
•  Actress Sandra Dee (died in 2005 at 60 years, 62 days)
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•  Revolutionary Leon Trotsky (killed in 1940 at 60 years, 78 days)
•  Dancer Bob Fosse (died in 1987 at 60 years, 90 days, also of a heart attack)
•  President Calvin Coolidge (died in 1930 at 60 years, 180 days)

So that’s pretty respectable company. Sandra Dee will always be young in our minds, thanks to Gidget and all those teen movies. And George Patton will always be the cranky old guy slapping soldiers around.

Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Perhaps that’s a fitting set for Carrie Fisher, who started out as a princess and ended up a bit of a cranky general — in Star Wars, at least. Good for her.

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