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Chris Brown and Drake Fight Over Rihanna?

While I was sleeping last night, Drake threw bottles and punches at Chris Brown in a bar fight over Rihanna. What did I miss?

Chris Brown is still on probation for hitting Rihanna. Drake was or maybe is dating Rihanna. Chris Brown is or isn’t getting back together with Rihanna, who is upset that he is dating a petite model.

At four in the morning at some New York club, Brown sent a bottle of champagne over to Drake, but Drake sent back a note to Brown that didn’t say “thanks.” Instead it intimated that Drake was still intimating with Rihanna.

So the story goes. Somehow, for some reason, Drake then threw a bottle at Brown and punched him. The report is that Drake threw the first punch, although I don’t see how that squares with the part about Chris Brown sending him champagne.

Unless they weren’t fighting over Rihanna at all and the real problem was Chris Brown’s crappy taste in champagne. Or maybe the report is wrong, and Chris Brown really is the bad guy because he sent over a bottle of CHAMPALE.

Or maybe it was a scenario more like this, from Degrassi:

It was all just a dream! As I said, it was four in the morning.

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