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Dan Clowes: ‘I’m Always Horrified By How Deeply Personal It Is’

“When I find myself rereading something five or six years later I’m always horrified by how deeply personal it is, and like, ‘Why, why would I unleash that on the world?’ You know, I always feel sort of ashamed.”

Daniel Clowes talks about the inner worlds of the cartoonist.

“There’s something about the synthesis of words and pictures in comics that appeals to me. I don’t like to do just one or the other. You know, I never enjoyed just making pictures, it always seems too simple somehow.

I really think they’re two very separate neurological processes, writing and drawing, and I think you have to do it from an early age for those synapses in your brain to actually link together so that you can form this thing that is a combination of the two.”

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