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‘Professional Crocodile’: A Sincere Endorsement

If you’re looking for a charming picture book for children — or for adults — try the wonderful Professional Crocodile by author Giovanna Zoboli and illustrator Mariachiara di Giorgio. The wordless …..

Jack Chick Has Died and Gone To Heaven (Right?)

Jack Chick finally knows. He knows the secret of the afterlife, having died yesterday at age 92. Today he’s seated in heaven, feeling satisfied and rewarded for a job well done. Or …..

Gary Trudeau on War and Cartooning

“In the Sixties, everybody theoretically had skin in the [war] game — anybody,
theoretically, could be drafted. Now we’ve emotionally outsourced the
war.”Gary Trudeau talks to Chip Kidd about Doonesbury, cartooning, and his strips about Gulf War veterans.

John Callahan, Quadriplegic Cartoonist, Dead at 59

Willamette Week is reporting that cartoonist John Callahan has died at age 60.His personal site confirms his death (if not the age), with the photo below captioned “1951-2010.”  Wikipedia also says John Callahan was born 5 February 1951, which would make him 59.  Willamette Week says that Callahan had been in ill health for a year.