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Drew Carey is 50!

We’re not sure if that’s surprisingly old or surprisingly young. (He is hosting The Price is Right, after all.)

Drew Carey was born in Cleveland in 1958. (As an aside: that was just a few days before Annette Bening was born in Topeka.)

Carey’s path to fame wasn’t exactly direct: high school, college (didn’t graduate), Marine Corps, standup. Here’s a timeline:

1975:  Graduates from James Ford Rhodes High School
1975:  Enrolls at Kent State University (but never graduates)
1981:  Enters US Marine Corps Reserve for six-year stint
1986:  Wins open-mike night at Cleveland Comedy Club
1991:  First appearance on The Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson
1993:  Bit part as “Taxi Passenger” in the movie Coneheads
1995:  Debut of The Drew Carey Show
1997:  Publishes book Dirty Jokes and Beer
1998:  Begins hosting Whose Line Is It Anyway?
2004:  The Drew Carey Show ends run
2006:  Whose Line Is It Anyway? ends run
2007:  Begins hosting The Price is Right

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