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Eddie Redmayne Biography: New!

You’ve seen him in the recent Les Misérables promotions and thought he looked familiar. Our new biography will tell you why.

He has that ever-youthful British look about him. In the Les Misérables trailers, you can tell he’s the love interest for Anne Hathaway. But who the heck is Eddie Redmayne? Read our biography and find out.

For me, it all came together when I realized he was the guy who played the young gofer for Sir Laurence Olivier, as played by Kenneth Branagh, in last year’s My Week with Marilyn

Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe in that movie, so maybe some of you forgot that Eddie Redmayne was even in the movie. But he’s the main character, and Redmayne shines, even though he’s supposed to be in the shadow of Branagh/Olivier and Monroe/Williams.

So read the Who2 biography of Tony winner Eddie Redmayne, and find out why some consider him to be the Next Big Thing.

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