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Everyone is Altered

A fine article by Josh Dickey called Everyone is Altered has been making the rounds. News flash: movie stars use fakery to look good!

It’s a very good, detailed piece, which you can find here.

Yet, it’s not exactly news that Hollywood uses whatever tricks at their disposal to deliver the fantasy we all want. Right? 

Still, this story — if you want to believe it, since it’s entirely based on anonymous sources — displays the lengths some entertainment companies and/or celebrities will go to in order to further image perfection.

The topic is beauty work, a movie industry post-production process where lab professionals rework films — sometimes FRAME BY FRAME — to make the actor or product look better.

In the old days, they smeared Vaseline on the lens and turned out most of the lights.

Nowadays, there’s software that allows the removal wrinkles and jiggles, or the addition of tight abs and muscular thighs… and yes, you can ADD wrinkles (but not jiggles) and even transplant crows’ feet from one actor’s eyes to another’s.

Despite the many teases in the article as to which “A-list” star goes overboard, it’s a good piece.

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