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FBI: D.B. Cooper Wore J.C. Penney

In November we mentioned a brand new suspect fingered by New York magazine in the D.B. Cooper mystery.

Now the FBI is back on the case with a release titled, cheerfully, D.B. Cooper Redux. (The language is remarkably chatty throughout, actually; perhaps the bureau is trying on a new user-friendly image.)

The release includes some new details about Cooper:

  • The FBI “lifted a DNA sample” in 2001 from his J.C. Penney necktie, which he removed before jumping. (It’s a clip-on!)
  • He was not an experienced skydiver, as once thought.
  • They feel sure he had no help on the ground.

The G-men also specifically reject Kenneth Christiansen, the man suggested by New York. Killjoys.

(Thanks for the tip, Mike Duffy.)

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