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“For Bushies Only”

According to a report in The Raw Story, former staffers from the administration of President George W. Bush plan to create a social network, Facebook-style, specifically for fans and ex-employees of the former president.

It turns out there’s already The Bush-Cheney Alumni Association, which is less of a social network and more of a collection of articles whose theme is “we didn’t do so bad,” mixed with a little “and anyway, this Obama guy isn’t so hot, either.”

We learned that the president and vice president really liked the troops. In one story, the president highjacks a couple of soldiers for two hours to talk to them about the difficulties in being president. In another story, we’re told Vice President Dick Cheney liked to host parties for wounded troops, with live entertainment. With country music, but no rap, he says. “The country and western is sort of a compromise between old folks — you know, the big band sound of the ’50s and the rappers that the younger generation understands.”

Another story included these details:

“On June 30 the vice president — code-named “Angler” by the Secret Service for his love of fly-fishing — staged a fly-fishing event on his lawn with a group of wounded troops being helped out by the charitable organization Project Healing Waters. Rather than the usual rubber waders and camouflage fishing hat, the vice president sported a dark suit, a white shirt, green tie and business shoes but still managed to show off his favorite fly-fishing cast to the troops. Instead of water, he aimed for a bright green patch of grass as the smiling military men and their wives picked up tips and practiced themselves.”

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