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Francis Ford Coppola on ‘Apocalypse Now’

With the passing of Dennis Hopper came several news stories that reviewed his career and its standout moments. I was never much interested in Rebel Without A Cause or Easy Rider, but as a teenager I was blown away by Apocalypse Now, so I tend to think of that movie when I think of Dennis Hopper.

Even though I’m sure I’ve quoted him more often from Speed. “Way to go, Jack, way to go!” and “That’s MY money, that’s money due ME!” and “the whim of a madman!” And so on.

In Apocalypse Now he’s truly nuts, not just pretending to be nuts. That’s the story that’s been told, in any case. In looking through video clips about the movie, I came across this French video of Francis Ford Coppola at a news conference, gettin’ all philsophical ‘n’ stuff. Notice that he has his daughter, future filmmaker Sofia Coppola in tow.


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