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Francois Hollande: Man of a Million Nicknames

A photo of Francois Hollande, smiling as he leans out the window of his black limousine

(Photo: WENN)

It’s official: Francois Hollande has beaten Nicolas Sarkozy to become France’s first Socialist president in 27 years.

Now if the world can just decide on his nickname.

“Mr. Hollande, who is nicknamed Monsieur Flanby after a French custard pudding, won after right-wing rival Nicolas Sarkozy admitted defeat following a close run-off contest.”  – The Mirror

“Socialist candidate Francois Hollande — tellingly nicknamed Flanby (pudding) by the right and Mr. Normal by himself — is officially France’s new president.” – NY Mag

A funny image of Francois Hollande's head poking out of a small tub of caramel pudding

“France is preparing to roll out the red carpet at the Elysee Palace for the unassuming left-winger nicknamed Monsieur Marshmallow.” – The Daily Mail

“He was known as Mr. Conciliator or Mr. Compromise… Those who liked him called him the ‘man of synthesis.'”  – CBC

“A name that stuck for a long time is ‘Mr. Royal,’ a reference to [Ségolène] Royal, Mr. Holland’s former partner.” – NY Times

“‘Mister Little Jokes,’ as Nicolas Sarkozy sneeringly calls him, is at it again.”  – The BBC

“When… Hollande still zipped around Paris on his sensible, three-wheeler scooter, one MP in his party warned he looked “more like a pizza delivery man” than the next president.”  – The Guardian

“French voters must choose between ‘Mr Marshmallow‘ Hollande, and ‘President Bling Bling‘ Sarkozy.” – The Daily Mail

The results are in, and marshmallow beats bling. Francois Hollande is now Le Grand Fromage.

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{ Flanby image via La senteur de l’esprit }

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