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Gapper: Rembrandt

Who2 has 3124 profiles (at last count), but we don’t quite have everyone in the world. Yet.

And every so often we discover a “gapper” — somebody you’d think should have been among the top 3124 personalities in world history, but who somehow fell through the gaps until just now.

Our newest gapper: Rembrandt van Rijn. You know him as plain ol’ Rembrandt, of course, and he’s a certifiable hero of painting and one of the original Dutch Masters. Probably he should have come before John Banner of Hogan’s Heroes, or Chingy or Cynthia Nixon, but, well… life is messy sometimes. Rembrandt knew that better than most.

The good news is, editor Paul Hehn jumped on the job last week, and we now are proud to introduce our new Rembrandt profile. Enjoy!

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