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Garish Photos of a Dozen Famous Weddings

Wedding photo of Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio, with both leering at the camera

Everyone’s wedding photos are a little strange, it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with the photos in this set — it’s just that the celebrities look a bit crazy.  

Photo of the wedding of Ari Onassis and Jackie Kennedy

As you look through the dozen shots, you may find yourself asking questions like:

  • Why doesn’t Aristotle Onassis look happier? He’s marrying a famous beauty 23 years his junior… and he’s putting the ‘O’ in Jackie O, one of the great 20th-century nicknames.
  • Has the gap between John F. Kennedy‘s nose and his mouth ever looked weirder?
Thanks to our own Mr. Duffy for the tip on this slideshow. (And as our own Mr. Hehn points out, the opening photo — the “amazing” one of the old woman’s reflection — ain’t really that amazing. Just skip to the celebs.)


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