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Get Your Mind Off Health Care Reform With Cartoons

Perhaps you’ve heard enough about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Take a break with these cartoons — about “Obamacare.”

What, you say? How can you take your mind off of the issue of health care reform by watching cartoons about health care reform? It’s downright counter-intuitive, isn’t it? Here’s the rub: these cartoons don’t have anything to do with reality.

First, let’s see how President Obama might argue his case before his own wife, First Lady Michelle Obama:

If that’s not analytical enough for your tastes, try this cartoon, in which a metrosexual convinces a silly liberal (a woman, of course — women are silly!) “Why Obamacare Was Declared Unconstitutional.” (hint: liberals are silly):

Bunker Bear (!) uses the same kind of robotic voice to argue robotically:

If you like musical theater, you’ll enjoy this creepy animated version of the president singing “The Day Obamacare Died” (to the tune of “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie”):

Finally, here’s a tune that maybe ol’ Chief Justice John Roberts is singing today, from the 1970s TV show The Most Important Person, the song “Oops, I Made a Mistake”:

I suppose our own Fritz Holznagel could be singing along with this one!

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