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Han Solo, Disco Dancer

The new Kinect Star Wars video game includes a Galactic Dance Off feature. Now we can see Han Solo do things he was never meant to do.

A YouTube video posted by Thox has Star Wars fans in an uproar. Sort of. The new game, courtesy of Kinect and LucasArts, allows you to dance just like Han Solo always did:

Ah, he’s cute! Han can sure swivel those hips, and his wrists — who knew they were so supple? He’s dancing to the song “I’m Han Solo,” which has been adapted from the Jason Derulo song “Ridin’ Solo.” But Derulo didn’t sing lyrics like “No Jabba to answer to” or “I’m so happy the carbonite is gone.”

As if that’s not enough, here are some Stormtroopers gettin’ down to a version of The Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” — or “it’s great to be in the Empire today”:

“It’s conscription, but I’m sure you can find/Many ways to have a good time” — Awesome! Great! Bonus Points!

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Go Han, it's your birthday!

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