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Happy 30th Deathday, Bill Haley!

Wow: It’s been 30 years since the death of Bill Haley, Mr. Rock-Around-the-Clock himself.  Haley was only 55 when he died of a brain tumor (or a heart attack, depending on who’s talking) in 1981.

Bill Haley was born on the exact same day as Merv Griffin in 1925, so he was already 29 years old when he had his big 1954 hit, “Rock Around the Clock.” 

American Graffiti and Happy Days brought his music back in the 1970s, and Bill Haley and His Comets had a last run of nostalgic tours until the clock struck 12 for Haley in 1981. He cooled off then, as it were.

But not before he made a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II in 1979! 

Haley takes the stage with his famous spit-curl hair at the 1:35 mark. 
Then it’s time for “God Save the Queen” at 4:52, with hip-hoorays led by
Yul Brynner (!) at 5:55.

Happy deathday, Mr. Haley, wherever you are.

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