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Happy Birthday, Charles Bukowski

Writer Charles Bukowski was born in Germany on 16 August 1920. He was drunk by 17 August 1920.

Just kidding! Sort of. Charles Bukowski was certainly a famous drunk. More people know about his drinking, I’d wager, than about his poems or stories. At a distance, he carries the perverse glamor of the down and out drunk. Here are some of his quotes about drinking, courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Here’s a photo of just how glamorous it is to be a hard-core drinker:

And here’s a photo of Charles Bukowski’s headstone, with its famous epitaph of “Don’t Try”:

And here’s a short video of Bukowski talking about a hangover:

Bukowski died in 1994 from cancer complications. 

(Headstone photo by Andy Sax and from Find-A Grave.)

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