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Here’s What a Naked Swan Boat Looks Like

Photo of swan boat pontoons floating in the pond at Boston Common, but without benches or swans

This is the day: The swan boats are coming back to the pond at the Boston Public Garden.

They look pretty naked right now, as workers put the pontoons in the water. (No swans yet on the scene, alas.)

A worker kneels on the pontoon of a swan boat

Two pontoons per boat.  Benches go inbetween.

Here’s how the swan boats will look when they’re done:

Daderot / Wikimedia Commons

And a similar view at the moment:

Still a long ways to go. But the pond was empty not so long ago. And the Boston Marathon is next Monday, so they’ve got to get those babies in the water this week. 

Photo of a shirtless man tossing a baseball to a friend on the green grass of Boston Common

Near the naked swan boats: topless baseball. It must be spring.

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