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How Old is Rachel Uchitel?

When was Rachel Uchitel born?

1975, we believe, though we don’t have an exact date of birth. By that reckoning, she is now 34 years old.

Her age has been consistent across news stories since 2001. A few key items:

The NY Times, reporting on her marriage, said she was 29 on 12 December 2004. The NY Post also said 29 on 27 December 2004.

Unless she was born on December 28-31 of 1974, those reports would mean she was born in 1975.

The NY Post gave the same impression in a 2006 story.

Of course, all these reports assume she’s been telling the truth to the papers, which we can’t confirm.

One outlier: the same NY Post described Uchitel as a “27-year-old Manhattanite” on 19 December 2001, in a post-9/11 followup story. That clashes with the other stories, and would make her birth year 1974, not 1975 (again, unless she was born very late in the year).

For now we have listed “circa 1975” as the date in our Rachel Uchitel biography. We’ll update the bio if we can pin the date down more precisely.

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