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“Mr. Woods Was Unavailable for an Interview”

The Florida Highway Patrol has issued a statement about how its officers were denied a meeting with Tiger Woods on Sunday — the third day in a row they were turned away. quotes a statement from Sgt. Kim Montes of the FHP:

The troopers went to the house to see if they could speak with Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods’ attorney was present and told investigators that Mr. Woods was unavailable for an interview. Mr. Woods’ attorney provided the troopers with Mr. Woods’ driver’s license information, registration and current proof of insurance as required by Florida Law. The crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

Jeepers. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think the Woods camp was trying to make Woods look guilty of something.

Surely the FHP must be a little steamed to be turned away without seeing Woods three days in a row. Strange stuff.

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