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It’s a Yuletide Stent for Prince Philip

Prince Philip has had a coronary stent inserted in a “minimally invasive procedure.”  

The 90-year-old consort to Queen Elizabeth II was rushed to Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire with chest pains. The Queen and all four of her children then visited Philip, which is quite unusual:

Royals usually don’t rush to the hospital bedside of one of their own. Senior members like Prince Philip don’t like the fuss and they know the problems their presence can cause a busy hospital. When he was last unwell in 2008, no family member visited him during his recuperation.
Three years on, and six Windsors — including his wife and his four children — have been by his side with some alacrity. Granted, they were all poised to be under the same roof, at the same time, for once. But the visits also suggest Philip’s sudden ill health has been a cause for concern and worry.

Philip and the Queen have been married for 64 years. He is “due to be leading Sandringham’s Boxing Day shoot,” says the BBC.

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