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James Cameron Says BP Doesn’t Need His Help

Film director James Cameron says his offer to help BP figure out how to fix their monstrous oil spill was rebuffed. His name showed up in the news this week in relation to the crisis, and the news was met with mixed reviews.

That means some people said, “Right on, that dude knows how to run things!” They have in mind Cameron’s films, including Titanic and Avatar, both of which are more undertakings than they mere movies.

But others said, “Wha-? He’s a movie maker, what the hell does he know? Are you having nuts in your head?”

Today’s news, which you can read right here, is that Cameron has announced that BP told him thanks, but no thanks. And the story reminds us that Cameron really does have a lot of experience really deep parts of the ocean. And he probably does know a lot of really smart people.


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