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J.J. Abrams Biography: New!

Who2 has a new biography of TV producer and movie director J.J. Abrams. His latest, Star Trek Into Darkness, is now playing everywhere.

J.J. Abrams was known as a TV guy up until recently. With the success of his two Star Trek movies, Abrams has made the news as Hollywood’s hot-n-happening director of blockbusters. They say he’ll have the helm for the next Star Wars movie (whatever that may mean).

But Abrams started out with movies, going back to when he was a kid. Although he didn’t go to film school, he sold his first movie while he was still in college. It went on to become the 1990 James Belushi comedy Taking Care of Business. He then did the script for what became Harrison Ford‘s Brain is Dead (official title: Regarding Henry), released in 1991. Abrams also wrote the screenplay for the 1998 trash heap Armageddon.

Then he became a big-shot TV producer slash creator slash writer. His first hit was the series Felicity. Here we have “My Top 10 Felicity and Ben Moments from Felicity” by Sweet Pea:

Then he did the Jennifer Garner series Alias. Here’s “Top 10 Sydney and Vaughn Moments”:

A longtime fan of Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams got to pour out his Spielberg love in the feature film Super 8, a film Spielberg produced (but says it’s all Abrams). Here’s the train wreck scene from Super 8, with obvious Spielberg touches:

To find out more, read the Who2 biography of J.J. Abrams and follow the links.

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